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Audiology Services

Aural Rehabilitation

At the Eckelmann-Taylor Speech and Hearing Clinic, we believe in the importance of aural rehabilitation to help our patients adjust to living with hearing loss, improve their quality of life, and become a more effective hearing technology and communication strategies user. 


Those who attend will receive “Frustrated by Hearing Loss? 5 Keys to Communication Success” by Dr. Dusty Ann Jessen. This book teaches comprehensive communication strategies that are easy to understand. Our goal is to support each individual and their loved ones by giving resources that improve communication in every challenging environment.


At our Hearing & Communication Sessions, we will:

  1. Explain how to use the visible aspects of speech

  2. Discuss ways to improve self-advocacy and communication confidence

  3. Provide ways to prevent communication mistakes

  4. Provide resources concerning hearing loss, hearing aids, and self-advocacy


We consider this session to be an essential step in your journey to restore your ability to communicate accurately and successfully and we look forward to seeing you!

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