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Audiology Services

Cochlear Implant Services

The Eckelmann-Taylor Speech and Hearing Clinic at Illinois State University is offering cochlear implant services. A cochlear implant is a surgical hearing solution.  A licensed audiologist, along with graduate clinicians offer cochlear implant candidacy testing, initial activation, and follow up services.  We currently work with Cochlear Brand cochlear implants.  We have relationships with Cochlear Implant surgeons in Peoria, Champaign, and St. Louis.


Cochlear Implant Candidacy Testing

This appointment is designed to determine if a patient is a candidate for a cochlear implant.  Patients who are candidates have moderate or worse sensorineural hearing loss, and limited benefit with appropriately fit amplification. During this appointment, an updated audiometric evaluation will be performed, as well as aided speech in noise testing.  Following testing, the evaluation will be discussed.  Cochlear implant discussion including processor styles and colors, as well as realistic expectations will also be discussed at this time, if applicable.


Cochlear Implant Initial Activation

Approximately one month following implantation, the external processor of the cochlear implant can be activated.  During the appointment the licensed audiologist and graduate student clinician will check the surgical site for overall healing, program the cochlear implant processor appropriately for the patient, and discuss use, care and maintenance. It is recommended that patients bring a family member or friend with them.


Cochlear Implant Follow Up

Throughout the first year after surgery, patients will have around 4 follow up appointments for their cochlear implant. After the first year, annual follow-ups are customary.  Patients may also choose to follow up if they are having issues with their processor. During these appointments we discuss wireless accessories, re-check settings, and re-test hearing in the sound booth. 


*Many insurance companies cover cochlear implant surgery. Please call our clinic office manager to discuss insurance coverages and billing information.

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