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Audiology Services

Custom Hearing Protection

At the Eckelmann-Taylor Speech and Hearing Clinic, audiologists help select, order and fit universal and custom-made earplugs for use in many different work and recreational environments. Listening with custom hearing protection can result in an improved listening experience with less distortion and fatigue and protect your ears from noise-induced hearing loss. Activities that we encourage the use of hearing protection include lawn mowing, concerts, recreational shooting, woodworking and motorcycle riding.


Musician Plugs

Our clinic promotes healthy hearing for musicians by providing custom ear plugs that offer multiple attenuation levels. These devices are designed with filters that protect your hearing while preserving the defining characteristics of music. Our audiologists will help select the most appropriate custom musician earplug depending on the type of environments the musician or regular concert-goer is in. Audiologists also take earmold impressions for custom in-the-ear monitors.


Swim Plugs

Our clinic provides custom swim plugs for individuals of all ages who desire to protect their ears from water exposure while swimming or bathing. Swim plugs can be ordered in many colors.


Sleeping Plugs

Custom-fit earplugs designed to reduce surrounding noise. These devices are created with a soft material to allow for a comfortable and peaceful night of sleeping.

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