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Audiology Services

Hearing Aid Services and Products

Illinois State University’s experienced audiologists and graduate student clinicians have a vast knowledge of today’s hearing aid technology in relation to providing patient-centered solutions. Over the last few years, researchers have developed hearing aids that adapt to multiple environments, provide rechargeable options, streaming capabilities, tinnitus relief support, and outstanding noise reduction technology to improve speech understanding. The Eckelmann-Taylor Speech & Hearing Clinic partners with many hearing aid companies to provide appropriate options for every individual. Our clinic offers hearing aid services including hearing aid selection testing, fittings, adjustments, servicing, and maintenance.


Hearing Aid Selection,

Hearing aid selections take place following a comprehensive hearing evaluation.  At this appointment, the licensed audiologist and graduate student clinician will perform additional testing, discuss communication difficulties, and hearing aid styles and technology levels.


Hearing Aid Fittings

At this appointment, the patient picks up their hearing aids.  The licensed audiologist and graduate student clinician program and verify hearing aid settings based on the patient’s hearing loss and ear acoustics. Care, use, maintenance and realistic expectations are also discussed at this appointment.  Our goal is for the patient to leave feeling comfortable and confident with their new amplification.


Hearing aid check appointment services

 Hearing aid check appointments are offered to provide on-going services to individuals with hearing aids, whether dispensed through our clinic or elsewhere. These appointments provide hearing aid repair services and programming adjustments for many hearing aid manufacturers. These appointments can encompass many things; cleaning and overall check of hearing aid health, including checking against manufacturers specifications, fine tuning adjustments, enabling/disabling manual features, minor repairs or modifications and discussion of accessories and wireless applications.


Hearing Aid Accessories

Wireless hearing aid accessories are valuable devices that may improve hearing aid performance in more challenging communication environments and keep individuals connected to the world. Please contact our office if you would like to discuss wireless accessories, and how they may work for you.


*Many insurance companies cover hearing evaluations, but not hearing aid services. Please call our clinic office to discuss insurance coverages and billing information

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