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Speech-Language Services

Auditory Processing

Signs and symptoms of Central Auditory Processing (CAP) may include the following: difficulty understanding spoken language in noisy environments, frequently asking for repetitions, misinterpretation of humor and sarcasm, and difficulty following multi-step directions. Additionally, a person with CAP may also experience poor musical abilities and have associated learning problems in reading and spelling.

The causes of CAP are, at times, unknown. However, CAP has been linked to congenital factors, neuro-maturational delays, and recurring middle ear infections. Furthermore, acquired conditions, such as head injury or trauma, are known causes of CAPD.


Assessment and treatment

Evaluation and treatment for CAP at the Eckelmann-Taylor Speech and Hearing Clinic involves both an audiological evaluation and a speech-language evaluation. Following assessment, the team generates a comprehensive report, which includes recommendations for environmental modifications and accommodations as well as compensatory strategies and direct therapy if warranted.

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